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BABEL MED – Warsaw Village Band & Mercedes Peón showcase reviews

Warsaw Village Band performed a nicely acclaimed showcase at BABEL MED 2015 together with Mercedes Peón. Find below a few press reviews:

“Regarding the artistic activity on Friday 27, we highlight what we consider the best concert held in Babel Med 2015, offered by the Polish Warsaw Village Band performing together with Galician singer and multi-instrumentalist, Mercedes Peon (Spain). Being familiar with the beginning of their artistic careers and the musical and vocal characteristics of these two artists from very different cultures, we felt that this musical merger would have a powerful effect, and we were not wrong at all. The compact and spirited music of “alternative folk” (contemporary folk executed with energy and rebelliousness) has little in common with the melancholic American or Anglo “neo-folk” performed by the Warsaw Village Band, combined with the vibrant personal energy of Mercedes Peon, They created a powerful musical force onstage so attractive that it transferred as a hypnotic ray to the expectant public. The magical music we heard, banked between the rhythmic sounds of the two Polish voices and cellists, with the high pitched vocals and electronic beats of the Galician artist, perfectly supported by the rest of the Polish group unfolded. In short, a great concert of contemporary folk music. Still, we witnessed authentic musical hybridization, as well as the first fruits of these two great performers of current European “world music”. For many fellow journalists, especially French and Italians, who did not know the Galician artist, this will cause a big impact. To us she became the “Diva” of this Marseilles event.”- Albert Reguant for World Music Central, find more here.

“Warsaw Village Band and Mercedes Peón: At the crossroads of folk and punk

Together, Warsaw Village Band and Galician multi-instrumentalist and experimental artist Mercedes Peón create an amazing conjunction of musical forces. The Polish folk band and Peón discovered a unique common point in intensely cinematic and moody rhythms, driven by crescendoing female howls and fierce violin playing. Somewhere between the legacy of the Mazovia region and the wealth of the Galician heritage, the artists forge a musical language that evokes a primal consciousness that we all share as humans.” - Catalina Maria Johnson, Wall Street International, find more here.

 “Attesa ripagata per il progetto che si snoda sull’asse polacco-galiziana, mettendo in scena l’accoppiata iconoclasta Warsaw Village Band e Mercedes Peon. La ritmica pompante, le voci prive di abbellimenti che si incastrano, il gioco dei bordoni: un wall of sound di tutto rispetto, in attesa del loro album.” - Ciro De Rosa, blogfoolk.com, find more here.

“On avait vibré en 2002 avec la Galicienne lors du festival Les Suds à Arles, et elle nous emmène aujourd'hui sur un tout nouveau chemin, un sentier de traverse où l'Espagne rencontre la Pologne et la folk de Warsaw village band. C'est aussi ce qui fait le label "Babel Med", cette possibilité de découvrir ou d'accompagner au berceau, dès leur éclosion, les projets d'artistes bien souvent aussi exceptionnels qu'anti-conformistes. Mercedes Peon en fait partie. L'ensorceleuse brasse ses incantations émouvantes à des tempos électriques et à l'énergie d'un orphéon de l'Est, sans renier sa gaita (une sorte de cornemuse). “ - Gwenola Gabellec, La Provence, find more here.

More about Warsaw Village Band plans for summer – soon.

See you!


"Midsummer Rain Song" - new video and single!

Warsaw Village Band and Karrot Kommando warmly invite you to watch new WVB video-clip. Track "Midsummer Rain Song" is the brand new single from the forthcoming album titled "Sun Celebration" and was recorded with the featuring of Mercedes Peón. The film was created by PSYCHOKINO.

Sun Celebration release is scheduled for Autumn 2015. More informations about international labels for the album to be announced soon. 

The single "Midsummer Rain Song" was recorded at Wisła DR Studio. Mix and mastering was made by Mariusz Dziurawiec and Jarosław Smak at Studio AS One in Warsaw.


Warsaw Village Band feat Mercedes Peón "Midsummer Rain Song" - new video-clip pre-première screening

Warsaw Village Band and Karrot Kommando warmly invite you for the pre-première screening of a new WVB video-clip. Track "Midsummer Rain Song" is the 2nd single from the new album titled "Sun Celebration" and was recorded with the featuring of Mercedes Peón. The film was created by PSYCHOKINO.

See you on Thursday, 20:30, Warsaw, Grochów, Kicia Kocia, Garibaldiego 5A, Warsaw.

More details about the single premiere and the new album details to be announced soon.



New Year has come! We wish you all the best for forthcoming 12 months! Hope to meet you in the every possible corner of the world!

Warsaw Village Band & Mercedes Peón are selected to play at Babel Med Music 2015! See you in Marseille on March 26th-28th! "With 3 nights, 30 concerts open to the public (12 000 spectators in 2014) and a 3-day exhibition dedicated to operators in the sector (more than 2000 professionals from all 5 continents, 160 stands and 750 structures), this highlight of the 2.0 World Music brings to light the global sound in all its diversity, from traditional heritage to contemporary music, promoting exchange and its economic development in a changing live performance market."

PS. New single, made with Mercedes Peón, to be released in February. Stay in touch!


"HopSaSa" strikes back!

We’re proud to announce unique re-edition of WVB debut CD “HopSaSa”. Limited edition of 1000 copies is available now as a pre-order at karrot.pl/hopsasa and after 8th November it will be distributed in the best record shops around Poland.

The album was originally published in 1998 as CD/MC. Awarded by Polish Radio 3 as the best folk music disc of the year, it brought big audience’s attention to WVB which had been formed only 1 year earlier by a couple of teenagers. This time “HopSaSa” strikes back as a double album.

The first disc includes the original material produced by Polish Radio journalist and world music pioneer in Poland Włodzimierz Kleszcz, the godfather of historical Twinkle Brothers & Trebunie-Tutki meeting. In 1998 the sound engineer of the session and author of the mix was Wojciech Przybylski. Now the material was remastered by Mariusz Dziurawiec and Jarosław Smak of AS One Studio – best sound engineers in Poland, who produced last 3 WVB albums.

The second disc includes unique bonus materials from National Polish TV archive – special live-acts and concert recordings – and the first ever WVB demo “First Harvest” from 1997.

Last bonus is the 60-pages booklet attached to the album, full of amazing photos and other materials from WVB archive.

Pre-order your copy now at www.karrot.pl/hopsasa

"HopSaSa" reedition is produced by Karrot Kommando, thanks to generous support of National Audiovisual Institute NInA and under exclusive media patronage of National Polish TV TVP and Polish Radio 2.