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"My Fate" - new videoclip


We're very proud to present you the videoclip to "My Fate” track from the 6th WVB album „NORD", produced by Tabla Film under the leadership of Armand Urbaniak.

We would like to invite you to metaphysical sail with punt "Basonia" on the Vistula river, from the National Folk Bands Competition in Kazimierz Dolny to the Capital Village Warsaw, with uniqe fantastic old village musicians and singers beside the WVB members, i.a. Józef Broda, Zdzisław Marczuk, Sing Ensamble of Konopiska Community and the Bagpipers from Zbąszyń, the Ja Wisła ("Me - Vistula") Foundation Crew under command of Przemek Pasek and the resurrected dog Laika! ;)

In October Warsaw Village Band will visits United Kingdom and will play in Bydgoszcz, Poland:

13.10.2013 - UK - Peterborough - The Key Theatre | FB
18.10.2013 - PL - Bydgoszcz - MCK | FB
20.10.2013 - UK - Edinburgh - The Jam House | FB

See you soon!


"NORD" on vinyl LP!

Dear Warsaw Village Band fans!

It's very happy moment in a 16-years old WVB history!  For the first time ever - Warsaw Village Band album available on VINYL!

Thanks to our Polish publisher, very active label Karrot Kommando, „NORD” LP was prepared carefully in two diffrent editions: standard, pressed on the black black grammophone disc, and special, strictly limited (70 copies), unique edition onwhite vinyl!

Record available through Internet on www.karrot.pl/nord


strona A
1. Hey you, yokel’s son
2. You Sure Knew What’s What, Lass
3. Ingunn
4. Emigrant Polka
5. My fate

strona B
6. War’s coming
7. Musicians are a-playin
8. Whoa, bullocks, whoa
9. Kujawiak the Fiend
10. Hemp lullaby

The author of the graphic layout of LP edition, as the CD edition of „NORD”, is Polish artist Paweł Sky.

Vinyl available to buy also on the WVB gigs.

Prepare your grammophones for worldwide awarded 6th album of Warsaw Village Band!


People's Spring 2013

Hello! Here the Warsaw Village Band Spring newsletter.

„New Tradition”: Folk Album Of The Year and "Wirtualne Gęśle".

On 16th May 2013 Warsaw Village Band performed on XVIth Polish Radio Folk Festival "New Tradition", receiving two prizes for the 6th WVB album „NORD”: Polish Radio Best Folk Music Album Award (ex-aequo with „Adieu” of Adam Strug – congratulations!) and Best Folk Music Album Of The Year By Polish Internet Users "Wirtualne Gęśle" 2012 Award! Both are another prestigious distinctions for "NORD", beside the Quarterly Critics' Choice Of The German Record Critics' Awards, the Songlines Music Awards Final and TOP 15 of the World Music Charts Europe. We're very happy for, both audience' and professionals', great reception of the last album.

Above – WVB & Familly + two just received Polish Awards. Thank you so much! [photo by Piotr Gilarski]

Retransmissions - WVB gigs on air!

The Warsaw Village Band performance on the „New Tradition” Festival available to watch on Polish Radio websites.

Another concert on ait in forthcoming weeks:
03.06.2013 – D – Deutschlandradio Kultur, 20:00retranssmission of the Warsaw Village Band gig from Husum, Germany, 16th April 2013.
04.06.2013 – S – Sveriges Radio 2, 19:00retranssmission of the WVB gig in legendary venue Babel in Malmö, Sweden, from 23rd March 2013.

The WVB jubilee gig "15,5" on air in TVP Polonia:
- 1st part: 18.05. - 18:50; 22.05. - 13:50;
- 2nd part: 25.05. - 18:50; 29.05. - 13:50;

The forthcoming dates of live WVB performances:

24.05.2013 - PL - Wrocław – Juwenalia, 19:40
26.05.2013 - PL - Toruń - Kopernikus Fest, tickets free, 16:30
08.06.2013 - PL - Poznań - Ethno Port Festival + Mercedes Peón , tickets free, 20:00 – special concert on the front of the Imperial Castle in Poznań with featuring of the magnificent multiinstrumentalist and singer from Spain' Galicia, with whom WVB had common tour in November 2012!

09.06.2013 - PL - Sosnowiec - Sosnowiec City Days
16.06.2013 - PL - Wojnicz - Wojnicz Castellany Days
22.06.2013 – PL – Świdnica
29.06.2012 - PL - Kazimierz Dolny - 47th National Folk Bands And Singers Festival – more details soon.

Feel invite for the WVB gigs! The plans for next months including i.a. concerts in France, Germany, Switzerland and Scotland, on summer Festivals: Aarhus Jazz, Ancient Trance, Sziget and Crossroads Festival in Kraków.

A few interesting articles about WVB published in last weeks:

Enjoy the enthusiastic review of „NORD” from Columbia, and the very nice interview with WVB founder and musician Maciej Szajkiwski, about „NORD” and wider context of WVB acitivities in prestigious French world music magazine Mondomix. Take a look on the world music alphabet, created by the WVB members for Polish "HIRO" magazine, and review of the Warsaw Village Band  „open-air" concert on the front of Landschaftsmuseum in Unewatt, as part of Folkbaltica Festival.


See you!


Amazing guests on forthcoming WVB gig in Nantes!

Breaking news! Amazing guests on forthcoming Warsaw Village Band gig in Nantes!

On 6th April, Warsaw Village Band will perform on Scène « Tribal » as part of the prestigious  "Eurofonik" Festival in Nantes, France.

The invitation to featuring in the concert was accepted by fatnastic musicians: legendary Swedish ensamble HEDNINGARNA, and magnificent singer and multi-instrumentalist from Galicia - MERCEDES PEÓN!!!

Let us recall: WVB recorded with Hedningarna common tracks on the last WVB album "NORD" and performed together on special concert for the Inauguration of Polish Presidency in EU on 1st July 2011 in Warsaw, and with Mercedes Peón WVB performed 3 times on special concert tour in November 2012 and also done the recordings together. "Pagans" will perform on Scène « Tribal » just before the WVB and Mercedes on Scène « Brèches » a few hours earlier - don't miss their gigs!

It's going to be a unforgettable evening! See you in Nantes!

PS. Next WVB gigs in April:
14.04.2013 - LU - Luxembourg
18.04.2013 - D - Husum - FolkBaltica
19.04.2013 - D - Flensburg - FolkBaltica
20.04.2013 - DK - Unewatt - FolkBaltica
21.04.2013 - D - Flensburg - FolkBaltica


Folk Phonogramme Of The Year - Scandinavia Tour - new photos & fanwork video

The Jury Of The Polish Radio Folk Phonogramme Of The Year 2012 Awards: Dariusz Anaszko, Andrew Cronshaw, Bartek Chaciński, Tomasz Janas and Piotr Kędziorek awarded the Warsaw Village Band "NORD" CD with 1st prize and Polish Radio Folk Phonogramme Of The Year 2012 title (ex aequo with "Adieu” album of Adam Strug). Thank you!

Meanwhile in Scandinavia - fantastic acclaimed WVB Spring Scandinavia Tour, with amazing gigs in Helsinki (Finland), Voss (Norway) and Malmö (Sweden)! 3500 travelled kilometers from 20th to 24th March, frame drum demolishion - there happened a lot! "Violin was crying, and so I did too..." - it's final sentence of  enthusiastic review from the Band performance in Savoi Teatteri published by "Helsingin Sanomat", one of the biggest Finnish daily newspapers. Below - the concert announcement also from HS.

Meanwhile in Poland, the photographer Radek Polak, the "Uprooting" and "NORD" promo shots author, took his camera again to take another pictures of WVB. Enjoy them!

We have also another amazing fanwork! Enjoy the "Stepp this and that"s, final track of WVB "NORD" album, videoclip by Szczepan Skibicki. This amazing, slow-motion work, presents the beauty of ancient Forests and villages of Podlasie region in the eastern part of Poland, during very, very cold (-20'C) winter's nights. Check this out!